Amber McLinden created this story with the intention to create dialogue. She has a passion for breaking down the pieces of a problem and putting them back together for people to understand. While she might not have a solution to the problems talked about in this story, she hopes that it can at least inspire further discussion about the difficulties transgender people face in their fight to access medical services. 



Rayane Sabbagh has always been interested in people’s stories. This story first sprouted from noticing a systematic issue in our medical system, growing into a project about the people affected. She met an amazing group, willing to share their experiences and living a narrative that needs to be heard.



Simran’s heart has always been in storytelling, she’s most especially drawn to the different and endless mediums that stories can be shared across. Above the art of storytelling, Simran finds herself attached to all people and the different lives they live. As soon as the opportunity to be apart of this project was presented, Simran couldn’t wait to help spark a necessary discussion about a systematic issue in Alberta’s healthcare.